A Wedding Day Planner/Coordinator Is a Bride’s BFF

Been to a Wedding Like This?

We all have witnessed one or more of these scenarios at weddings:

  • Crowded reception floorplan
  • Wedding party member is unable to be located for formal wedding photos
  • Bride needlessly struggling for 45 minutes trying to bustle her dress
  • Caterer is late serving the meal
  • Sequence of wedding and reception events are poorly timed
mr and mrs table with flowers

A Full Day Job – Keeping Wedding Day Streamlined and Dealing with Details

Someone- and not the bride -needs to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly and that everything planned is executed properly. The answer is to select a good wedding day Planner/Coordinator that will focus exclusively on the bride and groom, all while keeping the wedding day streamlined and stress-free. It will be the best money spent on the entire wedding.

An event planning company owner explains, “Without a Planner/Coordinator, newlyweds are stuck dealing with all the tiny details, including unforeseen surprises that could ruin a wedding day. Having a pro on-site to make sure everything is in order and to catch those problems before couples even find out about them, will enable you to fully enjoy your wedding day from start to finish.”

Friends and Family Are Wedding Guests Not Employees

From the moment your engagement is announced, people will offer help of every kind. Most couples have incredibly talented friends and family, but are you comfortable having them work extremely hard on your wedding? In my opinion, the most important role that friends and family can play, is celebrators of the marriage. Even the most well-meaning of family and friends can seriously underestimate the time it takes to complete wedding day tasks like decorating the venue. It is best to avoid resentment and hurt feelings if your expectations are not met – instead leave it to the professionals.

Be 100% Present for Your Wedding Day

When the wedding day finally arrives, couples will take great comfort knowing that a Planner/Coordinator is coordinating logistics and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Seeing couples truly living in every moment of their wedding day is the mark of success – because that means that newlyweds will actually get to remember their wedding. A job well done is knowing the newlyweds danced until their feet hurt with their nearest and dearest friends and family – all because they were at liberty to surrender the details of the day to their Planner/Coordinator and simply enjoy it.