Three Important Yet Overlooked Questions To Ask A Potential DJ

Many times when newly engaged couples initially contact Sound Explosion, they often say, “What questions should I be asking?”. There are numerous wedding planning websites and apps with lists of basic questions to ask a potential DJ that you are considering. The answers given will certainly help to accurately gauge the professionalism, reliability and personality during the “interview” process.

With the fundamentals covered, here three significant yet often overlooked questions to ask a potential DJ:

Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?

Ask this question and also carefully check photos posted on the website or social media of a DJ under consideration. Do you notice brazen self-promotion at wedding receptions in the form of a digital sign or vinyl banner, advertising the company name, logo and contact information? If so, immediately eliminate the DJ from further consideration. Unfortunately these tacky items are not a part of your carefully planned decor, but will find a way into wedding photos and videos, thus ruining an otherwise beautiful ambiance. This is 100% unprofessional, and we believe that any DJ that chooses to engage in such a practice should never be hired for a wedding.

What is your alcohol policy during the wedding?

Just as you are held to professional behavior standards at your workplace, a DJ should also be held to the same high standards in their workplace – your wedding. For obvious reasons (impaired judgment, poor decision-making and dulled motor skills), a professional DJ will never consume alcohol during a wedding. If a DJ reveals during the interview that a few drinks are necessary to “loosen up” while working, you should move forward with another choice.

Will you be the DJ at our wedding?

Often the person you initially contact either by phone or email, is not the person who will be the DJ on your wedding day. This is a very common practice and as a result, it is absolutely critical that you have an opportunity to interview the specific DJ that will be there on your day. This process will provide an idea of personality, style and your level of comfort. Additionally, you should expect that the name of the DJ is clearly specified on the contract – it is the only way to be guaranteed of your specific choice.

Ask the fundamental questions of course but be sure to ask these as well. At the conclusion, you will have a very good insight into the DJ candidates. As with any important decision, the more knowledge gained, the better equipped engaged couples will be to make the right decision for your wedding!